Monday, March 8, 2010

"You sure forget a lot of things..."

Okay, so the boyfriend's kids are onto me. I forget stuff. All the time. The kids ask "why do you have so many dog leashes" I say "Because I forget them all the time so I have extras.".
And that's a common answer in my world.
"Where's your phone?" I forgot it.
"Where's your keys?" I'm not sure.
"Where's the dog?". Nope, didn't forgot the dog, left him at home on purpose so you guys can't harass the poor little guy today with your boundless enthusiasm ;)
So yesterday the of whom has just been diagnosed with ADHD and the next in line sure to follow...commented that I sure forget a lot of things. And for a split second I wanted to say "welcome to life with ADHD". But...instead I said "you're right...I do".
Some realities people just have to accept from themselves. And children...they'll figure out their limitations soon enough, I'd rather encourage their strengths.
Last week the 3-year old reminded me "Don't forget your lunch.".
Their strengths seem to include keeping ME organized.
You's worth noting though, that the 3-year old is also the current reigning champion at the "Silent In The Car Game". He who stays quiet the longest wins. Twice yesterday, while his older brother and sister punched, pinched and tickled each other into losing the game together, giggline uncontrollably to the point of hysteria, the lil' guy sat there in his car seat with a smug, intentional, adorable and SILENT smile on his face. The superpower of hyperfocus at work? Or perhaps number three escaped the magic ADHD genes...? Hmmmmm...time will sort that out if it becomes the meantime, kid makes a mean PBJ.


  1. LOL Oh yeah I love when the kids start mocking you! That happens to me a lot... especially with my 14-year-old sister! She thinks my ADHD and Asperger-ness is SO amusing! ;) As for my little nieces (who I live with) the 6-year-old has been helping me find my car in the parking lot since she was 3!