Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Why all this worry about ADHD!

Clearly, if you are still worrying about your ADHD, you haven't gotten the memo. The memo that in America, if you aren't pretty, you're worthless. That if you're actually intelligent, you'll be harassed or ignored. That if you're pretty AND smart, intelligence cancels out pretty. It's like rock paper scissors. Pretty matters more than anything.

So here we are sitting around wondering if our ADHD is going to make our lives suck or not...but what we should REALLY be worried about is...the fact that most of us just aren't pretty. Or if we are we may not be pretty in the way that, you know...matters.

So...I'm gonna stop taking my ADHD medication, get a boob job (they ARE kinda small, sigh), grow my hair long, flush my sense of style down the toilet, and start memorizing Sarah Palin quotes that I find online. Because there IS one more thing that's pretty important, and that's funny, and whether she does it on purpose or not, that b*tch is funny as hell.

(Is it just me though, or does it seem like if Sarah tool some ADHD drugs she might not blurt out some of her funniest quotables? Hmmmm....ANYWAY...off to practice my peanut-butter wave...and learn how to be slutty, but not toooooo slutty...since I'll never be pretty enough, in the right way and my brains only get me funny looks!)

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