Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Summarize yourself in three adjectives or less...

...had to fill out a survey that required me to describe myself in a variety of identifying categories, in three adjectives or less.

Artistically speaking, this is a difficult task for me. I have had a variety of artistic identities in my life, and rotate back through them from time to time...or utilize more than one at times.

Which is more important to me, a dance studio, soundproof practice facilities, a workspace with plumbing, a nice dry workspace, or a storage space? Or...or...or....

Well I don't know...which day of the week is it? Which year is it? And how do I know what's going to move me to create, two years from now? (I don't.)

I grew up playing three instruments. Drew and painted and made stuff. Sewed. Then majored in theater. Then wrote and performed new work that often incorporated sound or music elements. Then added flamenco dance to my repertoire. And ballroom. And swing. And wrote plays (one was translated and performed in Italy-woot!). And occasionally was a costuming pinch hitter for those times when weird stuff happens backstage and things need repair. Primarily, now, I'm a dressmaker and seamstress. But...what happens when I rotate again. For example...I screenprint when the spirit moves me...for which I need one type of work space...but I have been wanting to use the products of my screenprinting in my sewing pieces.


I'll bet money there's others with ADHD who would have the same problem with this survey. I answered the questions in terms of my most current artistic pursuits, but I answered them feeling that I was only true to a small piece of my whole self.

Monday, October 25, 2010

ADHD, age 8

Remembers to feed cats. (Loves cats.)

Forgets homework folder at school. (Does not love homework.)

It's kind of like ADHD, age 35, but a little different:

Loves cats. Forgets to clean catbox anyway.

Also does not love homework.

The End (The Beginning?)