Saturday, March 13, 2010

ADHD Boy Has Started Reading the Blog!

Quick! Clean your rooms! Hide your shoes and slippers! Get the ping pong balls out of the toilet! Hide the hookers in the basement! He's here!

ADHD Boy has been reading...and he's not so sure about that nickname, so I guess I'd better pick another one, because "the boyfriend"'s just booooring. And we don't do booooooring around here.

ADHD Boy suggested something that I can't post because it's too crass even for me. I suggested "Captain Fantastic". Harhar.

He's a jazz musician though. I think he should be...(spinning roulette wheel in my head of all of his favorite musicians...)...Sonny Rollins!

From now on, ADHD Boy, the artist currently known as "the boyfriend" shall be known as Sonny Rollins. Sonny's still alive so hopefully he won't come after us and put some kind of jazz-sax-voodoo-hex on us...

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