Friday, March 5, 2010

It's not just the lack of internet access...

One of the weird issues I was having with my computer involved only being able to get the internet access to connect when the computer was tilted "just so". Or sitting on a table (and even then, only for a few minutes at a time).

Here's where ADHD comes into the picture: I CANNOT WORK AT A TABLE OR DESK. Not when doing mental work anyway.

If I can't control my work conditions, I can't stop thinking about the conditions. Flashback to me in grade school, stomach aching at dissatisfaction with the overhead lighting, which overstimulated me to an uncomfortable point. Or when I didn't like the chairs in the classroom...argghhh...or at my old advertising job where I kept the light in my office off all day and would listen to music on headphones, and get a crap ton of work done...until my idiot co-workerse would walk by, see the light off, and go "OH, HERE, LET ME TURN YOUR LIGHT ON FOR YOU!" as though I "forgotten" to turn it on...

I think it finally got fixed today and before I headed out for the day I was able to complete a few tasks IN MY BED on my laptop. I get so much work done in my bed it's unbelievable. And for weeks that option has been unavailable to me.

At work, at my desk? I struggle, quite frankly, to stay on task.


For the first time in weeks I'm looking forward to working all weekend on my projects that I'm behind on. Good part about working in bed is the cats and dog that will certainly join me and snooze while I type.


  1. Ah...yes...the problems with work conditions. I know it ALL TOO WELL!! I'm also sensitive to the type of light (the person who invented fluorescent lighting should be shot!); sounds (the job I left was near the BUSIEST FIREHOUSE IN ALL OF MANHATTAN!!), and the amount of foot traffic passing by my desk...which is why I love being back at my home-based business. You might find this piece from the NY Times to be of interest: school desks that are designed to allow students to fidget or even stand when they work.

  2. Wow...I used to like to sit on chair backs. In high school I had a math teacher who would actually let me sit that way. Go figure that's he was probably totally an Adult with ADHD. There were days in class where the first ten minutes would be Mr. Church telling hilarious stories. But it got us relaxed and comfortable in the classroom, and he was always willing to work with us after school if we needed extra help.

    I'll be interested to find out what they learn about the standing desks....

  3. I used to sit in my chair leaning back. I also used to drink a lot of coca cola when I was in elementary...everyone wondered why.


    Here's what my non-ADHD teacher didn't get - I needed to have that physical activity to pay attention.

    I am known for sitting in seats with my knees to my chest =) (at least used to be!)