Monday, March 14, 2011

Inspired by Jeff's Anger...

...Jeff has been posting hilarious anecdotes about his anger and so I was inspired to share.

I am still a reactive, expressive ADHDer but it's actually been quite a long time since I really just wanted to climb over something to maybe punch someone. I'm generally able, these days, to reflect and realize that it's just not worth flipping out about certain things. Especially since I live with children, I've learned to be very thoughtful about how I express my frustrations with my world.

The other day I'm riding in my car with my mother. I was actually pretty tired and i was in the passenger seat. She decides she wants lunch from Burger King, but she can't eat gluten. So she starts asking the squawkbox questions about the food and the squawkbox is clearly annoyed. "Does this sandwich come with breading on the chicken?" says mom and "ummmm....YEAH" says the squawkbox. Well, mom sees chicken fries on the menu. I say mom, chicken fries are breaded and she says "oh I know, I just want to know" she turns back to the squawkbox "I would like to know if they are chicken or potato?".

Sqwakbox: "CHICKEN or POTATO?! Um, they're CHICKEN."

At which point I lose my shit, grab my mother's arm to push her out of the way and scream back at the squawkbox "WE KNOW! WE JUST NEEDED TO KNOW IF THEY'RE--" mother pushes me back into my seat and starts laughing. Says to squawkbox "sorry, I've got a wiiild passenger!" and laughs.

It's been probably...two years since I just flipped a lid on a moron like that, lol. Apparently I don't like it when people treat MY people like shit. Even if it's over a chicken fry.

My feelings about the situation were totally rational. My physical reaction to it? Maybe a little overboard :) So as you know, Jeff, it's not just you.