Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A revelation about Concerta...

...I just realized that while taking Concerta, I feel that I have the same amount of energy, but instead of going in 18 directions, it goes in many fewer.

Heh! Cool. In other words, it's not "taking away" something, it's just redirecting it.

(Seems to be MY experience anyway...)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

ADHDer Pet Peeve #3,589: Peeps without ADHD who act like they're perfect!

Oh've met them...perhaps you've BEEN them...people without ADHD who think they're perfect. They may go so far as to imply, or even state outright exactly how flawed they think you are, and how EXASPERATING it is to them.

Meanwhile, they forget agreements they made, forget conversations that you remember clearly, etc, etc, and then blame YOUR ADHD for the discrepancy.
It's classic bullshit.

We with ADHD already must bear the burden of our shortcomings, first by identifying them and then by addressing them through coping strategies. When faced with a situation like this, I love to pull out any notes or documentation I may have squirrelled away, memorializing the agreement that I made with the obnoxious person(s) in question. In relation to my businesses or work stuff I learned long ago, to document everything, and save every email regarding agreements or promises or instructions.

It's not just to prove the promises of others, but to keep myself accountable. Sometimes I just plain have to go back and see what I said, so I don't make an ass of myself when pointing out something that doesn't seem quite right to me. Is it not quite right because THEY screwed up, or is it not quite right because I's important to lay responsibility in the appropriate drawer.

My dear fellow ADHDers...never forget that even normal people forget stuff. Even normal people forget things they said, promises they made...all humans are fallible, not just us.