Monday, February 13, 2012

The best advice that I can give you... to practice.

Practice having a better morning. Practice enjoying driving even when it makes you feel crazy. Practice loving a person that treats you like shit, by never talking to them again, because you deserve better. Practice speaking kindly to people. Practice remembering that you sometimes forget. Practice remembering that even though you sometimes forget, you are not always wrong. Practice writing everything down in your calendar. Practice seeing the mayhem and jolly chaos you create for what it is...a mixed plate, filled with a few joyful ecstasies that would honestly never have occurred if you were living in normalsville. Filled with things that you may need to choose to approach differently, though not all at once. Practice putting your ATM card back in your wallet. Practice accepting that you are sometimes to blame. Practice forgiving yourself.

Practice checking your calendar each morning. Putting the pens back where the pens go so they're there when you need them. Practice telling your therapist the truth. Practice saying "I'm sorry".

Practice not wondering why you put the remote in the refrigerator, practice just taking it back to the livingroom.

Practice not caring that people don't "understand" how you do what you do, as long as you're honoring your commitments.

Practice accepting gifts in crap packages. Just let them be.

It's all you can do.