Monday, October 26, 2009

Email...breakfast of champions

Humorously, I keep getting "comments" from people that really should probably be emails. I am always happy to talk anything and everything ADHD. I'll never give medical advice, or make absolute statements, but if you do happen to want to send me a message, I have added my email address to my profile. If you're genuine and just trying to connect with another ADHDer, I'll totally write you back...if you're a jackass, I'll reserve the right to ignore you, lol, but either way, if you do happen to send me something slightly personal, this eliminates the possiblity that it might accidentally get posted as a comment! I try to be careful about those kinds of things but hey, I'm an ADHDer, and I've hit wrong buttons before and not realized it!

Keep on truckin'.

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