Friday, September 18, 2009

Why I LOVE My Job

Yeah, that's right, I'm an ADHDer that actually loves their job.

First of all, I highly (and admiringly) suspect that my boss, who is a great boss, is also an ADHDer. We work well together, I think, precisely because we "get" each others idiosyncracies. I have unusual work methods, so does he. I am an out of the box thinker, so is he. I basically like and am forgiving of other human beings, so is he. And ADHDers are FUN right? We have a lot of fun. The motto around here is definitely "work hard, play harder...after you get the work part done, and don't forget to write yourself a note to remember to do that work part first, haha". I am allowed a LOT of flexibility, because I get the job done, and to me, that is invaluable, not only because of my ADHD, but because I simply have a lot of other stuff going on in life and sometimes need to go deal with those things.

I have gotten upset before when we've hired someone new for the office to help us...I am very clear with the candidates about the reality of working in our office. I say things like this in interviews "okay, so you understand that we do criminal defense and that some of our clients are in fact guilty of disgusting crimes like child molestation and do you feel about that?". The other thing I have to be blunt about is the boss and our office work climate, about which I say "the boss works the way he works. You will need to, within reason, accommodate his idiosyncratic work will need to be VERY self-directed...some days it's like a freight train comes into the office and you have to either get on that train, or get run over. Are you able to be VERY hands on and keep the workflow very organized, but also be willing to be totally flexible at the drop of a hat?" You get the's the reality of both working in criminal defense AND working with TWO ADHDers, and people SAY these things are okay with them because they want a job, but then they start working and I see them get disgusted with that fact that yes, oh yes, ALL of these realities and more are true about our office. But their superiority will get them nowhere here, because superiority doesn't get the job done. Our wacky ADHD adventure? It DOES get the job done. Not without a little suspense sometimes, but it gets done.

It bears repeating that we're both ADHDers, big time, so if you can't handle working with BOTH of us...haha...tough shit :) We make up for the unconventionality by being friendly, funny, forgiving, very enthusiastic and hands-on teachers and regularly and clearly expressing our gratitude for a job well done...and right now we have an AMAZING "junior" paralegal, who is smart, and funny and capable, and just "fits" here at our office. A keeper!

So...I'm just grateful to have a place to work where I "fit". And where I'm actually able to apply my personal insight on ADHD to actually help someone else be productive and have a good day!

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