Friday, January 8, 2010

Love, ADHD-Style

What's more fun than a barrel of monkeys? Two ADHDers out on a date.

Indian restaurant on a slow night of the week. We're greeted by the waiter who wants to seat us at a table for two...where you have to sit across from the other person.'s going there. I wasn't having, hello, what if you want to smooch someone during dinner? NOT MAKE-OUT...geez, who do you think I am, Paris Hilton?

I ask the waiter if we can sit at a four-seater...he says no. I say okay. We follow him to the table for two, ADHD-boy picks up his chair, puts it next to mine, and smiles. We thank the waiter...the waiter is disgusted...we proceed to order everything delicious. And smooch...which probably got us some loogies in our samosas from the waitstaff...if they were there, they were delicious!

Dinner was one big, awesome fun-time, with all things delicious, lots of hysterical laughter, and two disgusted waiters. I'm sure you're picturing some gross, smoochy, romantic couple making people want to puke but really, it was more like two giggling 8-year olds with a little smooching and beer thrown in. And really, the waiter brought it on himself, I mean we warned him...we wanted the four-seater, more room, fewer inappropriate body-bubble, in a quiet restaurant, who wants to have to yell across a table...sheesh...

Next we're contemplating a grocery store trip where we both take an electric courtesy cart for a spin. If we get arrested I work for a defense attorney ;)