Friday, January 8, 2010

The layers just peel and peel and... candid as I am in this blog there are some things I just can't talk about in this blog, and I REALLY wish I could because at times I feel my circle of support as being a little bit small. which is exactly the thing I would like to write about the most Those who are supportive are VERY supportive so it almost makes up for the weak spots...weak spots being those where the ego-considerations of others have impaired their ability to treat me as an adult, with the right to make whatever mental health decisions I choose. The circle is unbroken, but not without its flaws.

For the record, as if you don't already know, if you read this blog...I visit my therapist regularly, self-reflect with vigor, and have very conscientiously adhered to my medication regimens through thick and thin. I have become more and more comfortable with myself as I am, and spend less and less time generating anxiety-producing chaos in my life.

I know that the "problems" that hurt my heart the most right now are nothing to do with me. I know I'm "working my program" and in many ways experiencing the healthiest, most-productive me that I have ever been. is a day of heart-hurt. And there's no way around that but through it.


  1. Perhaps you should consider having closed entries for only people you trust? I don't know where I'd be without my LJ and its filters for careful venting :)

  2. As for me Katy, I see a person that is fighting the bad affects of ADD, and winning the battle, one day at a time. And by telling your thoughts here on your blog, you are helping others,including me.

    It's hard to deal with the unexpected curves ahead on the journey, with uneven tire pressure, but your eyes are on road, and you see em now. I think you do anyway, and you have my support(for what it's

  3. OOH...closed entries...such a blog savvy and ingenius suggestion!!! Mooohahahaha....

    Scott: thanks dude :) I'm tryin. Uneven tire pressure...that's an amazing image. In's about to be absorbed into a blog post!