Thursday, December 10, 2009

Women, Rock and Roll, and Drugs

Is it just me or do ADHD drugs REALLY not work worth a shit when we're pre-menstrual?

Seriously, I'm noticing a pattern and it's not pretty. In addition to the fact that I don't think my meds are doing much good for me these last couple/few weeks, I just really get aggravated every month, before my period, when I can't think worth a shit, can't remember anything, and generally feel like I just smoked a big bowl of WTF.

Is this a thing? Do other people have this problem? And is medical science ever going to catch the fuck up and complete more research on women with ADHD in treatment because I'm pretty sure that I'm not having the same damn hormonal experience that school age boys are, or that men are, and I need some answers.

Rock and roll? The only thing that pulls me out of this bullshit frame of mind is music. Sometimes, truly, it's the ONLY drug that works for those days when I'm fully aware that in another century, women like me probably would have been burned at the stake.


  1. Yes, yes, and yes! I finally remembered to discuss this with drug doc at my last appointment. He said that this is common among we ADD ladies, and hears it all the time from his patients. He also said that he's never heard about any clinical study that's examined it. Boo!

    BTW, I've linked to your blog on my page. You're great!

  2. HALLELUJAH, I'm not imagining this! I haven't found any studies on it either (I can peruse all the studies I want thanks to my grad student status and believe you me, I have looked!).

    I was just going to link you and then realized, when I visited you blog "hey wait, I already know I like this blog! and already linked it!" wooohooo!

    I seriously get INSANE before my period...and man, does it render meds totally useless. I am going to talk to my prescriber about it just to educate him, I mean, assuming his other female ADHD patients haven't said the same thing :)