Wednesday, December 16, 2009

And I want to thank YOU and YOU and YOUUUU....

While I'm sitting here being all thankful for the fact that I can talk to my bosses about my mental health treatment without it endangering my professional OR personal relationships with them, I started thinking about another source of support that I am thankful for: YOU. ALL of you.

Having an online community to share and receive feedback and experiences with is one of the things that has made 2009 bearable. Heaven knows I have not gotten 100% support from all of my in-person relationships...partially because many people in my life have no idea what being inside my brain is like. All of the ADHDers I have met online at least have an inkling...and thank goodness for that.

So much of our time as ADHDers is spent feeling as though we are on the outside.

Thanks for joining me on the inside :) And for likewise sharing the parlors of your own ADHD minds with me.

I really appreciate it.


  1. This will be ironic, to comment on a post where you thank your regular readers. I've just found your blog, two months after my ADD diagnosis. It's taken this long to get comfortable with it. And by comfortable, I mean itchy wool sweater comfortable, a few sizes too small, probably the wrong color. I've been looking for ADD blogs to read, and found Jeff's A.D.D. Mind. He put on his tollbooth hat and directed me here. And wow. I want to read more. Your candor and enthusiasm shine with every post.

  2. Glad to have you pull up a chair.

    I'm still working on getting comfortable with this whole ADHD thing too but really...I swear to God life has gotten nothing but better since my diagnosis, even during the weird times. It's easier to at least TRY to plan you life when you have a framework to hang the fibers (wooly, itchy, or heavenly cashmere) upon.

  3. It took a while for it to sink in, what the ADD diagnosis means, if it's something useful, or if it's just a definition. But I'm quickly finding that starting the day with "I have ADD" makes a big difference because, as you said, it gives me a framework to hang my day on. I can't just sit in my office and expect to work. I have to think about it, plan my approach. I'm like a plane coming in for a landing.

  4. Oh I am SO working on that right now...think about how to plan approaches...some posts coming soon about that after I bounce it all off of the therapist.

    PS Mark, I am looking forward to checking out YOUR blog, it's just been a busy week...I'm always excited to find new ADHD blogs...