Thursday, October 22, 2009


WHY MUST TV BE SO BORINGBORINGBORINGSTUPIDBORING!? I actually love television and I do like watching movies sometimes (though I cannot guarantee that I won't comment on them while they are in-progress). The commercials...they are two-fold evil. They interrupt (oh, actually they're three fold evil) the flow of the story, they indoctrinate the masses with visions of euphoric consumerism (yeah okay, not ADHD-related) and they are LOUD. THEY ARE LOUD. They are often the reason that I start doing the hand-flapping thing and saying "uhhhhhh....stopstop, make it stop, make it STOP" and the boyfriend and I begin the desperate scramble for the remote. If they come on and are loud and he happens to come into the room trying to talk to me at the same time...ouch...not fun for anyone involved...

Oh wait, four reasons...four reasons I hate them, they are also boring.

This is not because I didn't take the Vyvanse. They always bother me. The difference is that when I have taken the Vyvanse, I still notice the sound, and I then pick up the remote and stifle it. Today, it's more like an invading army assaulting me aurally. Rude and annoying...blah.

Yeah I found the remote but it's more fun to bitch about it...and then I noticed that it was really windy outside, and then I got some ice cream, and then I went to talk to my boyfriend, and then...WOW, it's really windy outside...and it took me a way long time to compose this email and the only reason I point this out is to demonstrate and memorialize the contrast between the posts (novels) I usually write and this short one, the third of the evening, and it took me as long as a long post because I am irritated, edgy, distracted and truly, feeling a bit juvenile.

Um...yeah, fuckit, I don't remember what else I was going to write, but I'll say this...uh...okay I'm not joking, I forget what I was going to write...OHOHOH...I'm memorializing this to remind myself what happens when I don't take meds. Haha...done.

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