Friday, June 5, 2009

Who the Eff Packed This Box!?!?!

It seems to be a well documented fact that adults with ADHD have piles...of stuff. Well I had boxes and they have followed me for years. And now I'm unpacking them, I'm looking in one and all I can say is "WHO THE EFF PACKED THIS DAMN THING! IT'S FULL OF CRAZY SHIT!". Ugh, why did I save this crap. I mean, I know why, it was because I couldn't slow my brain down long enough to friggin' figure out a better solution but gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

This is hell. Hell is 15 minutes alone with your own baggage. Literally. Here I am. And only 10 boxes to go. Better set the timer for 10 minutes to deter the hyperfocus demon, because if I hyperfocus on organizing this crap, I'm gonna have more than ADHD making me nuts, lol...

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