Sunday, May 17, 2009

Begin at the beginning...

The backstory to what brought me to this point will all come out in time, but to answer a few quick questions:

18 Channels? That's pretty much what my brain, unmedicated, receives simultaneously. It's a party, and it's an obstacle all at the same time.

And you are? That will probably come out in time too, but for now, this journey is new, my life is somewhat public, and honestly, I don't feel like discussing my medication trials and errors with my entire community. But I DO feel like discussing them with you, if you're still reading ;) In my personal life, I am very transparent about my ADHD, and feel an obligation to share that aspect of myself. In my public life, I'll save the unveiling for a later date.

ADHD? So much more than the stereotypes that pervade American thinking to this point. It's not just for hyperactive 7-year old boys anymore folks.

And why a blog? My own ADHD journey has created a hunger for more information about other people's experiences. I am returning the favor.

Hey, it's after midnight EST, shouldn't you be in bed? Yeah. If I didn't have ADHD and could shut my brain off for two secs instead of worrying about a plan for focusing at work tomorrow, and thinking about the press releases I should have sent out this afternoon instead of baking cookies and bread and going to art shows. Did I mention I also painted three portraits while watching a baseball game today?

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