Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Just one phone call was all it took...

...so I wrote about being depressed. Then the screaming anxiety came back. Then I lived a circling pattern while my message to my prescriber got lost...then the VERTIGO CAME BACK!

MOTHER F*****!

New readers: I have a migraine disorder that involves no headache pain, and instead flares up as VERTIGO. Last year it was an ordeal, and it took ages to figure out what it was...they thought "maybe a brain tumor"..."maybe something else equally terrifying!"...nope, just migraine phenomena. As a result, I take a tri-cyclic antidepressant that just happens to treat/prevent migraine issues AND assuages anxiety as well.

I guess it makes a whole hell of a lot of sense that if I'm feeling depressed and anxious again...AND start to have vertigo again...my medication must not be sufficient at its current dosage anymore!

Called the prescriber again and was able to get a call back (and an apology for the lost message) almost immediately. And...a prescription for 10 more mg, 'cause I'm a wicked lightweight.

Voila, the vertigo is gone and I feel much better. I dare say that I FEEL LIKE ME! The me that I've come to expect now that I no longer tolerate a ridiculous level of ambient anxiety running the show.

The lessons here:

1) sometimes it's good to re-visit dosages if they're not doing what you need them to do
2) sometimes office staff make mistakes and lose phone messages (or put them in your chart without telling your provider)...be persistent if you need help

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