Wednesday, March 2, 2011

But wait, I thought I left those on Jupiter...

As I'm sure is the case for many women with ADHD, I seem to have times when the effect of my stimulant meds is more or less potent. At times like these, I have parameters that I know I can work within to self-adjust my meds a bit.

So this morning I realized this was one of those days and I was going to take a little extra Concerta and thought to myself "damn, I left the bottle next to my bed"...without looking in my purse.

You TOTALLY know where this is going.

My husband just called me a few minutes ago to make sure I had my house keys with me before he left for an evening gig (and isn't it nice that because he also has ADHD he knows that it's not a bad idea to check these things and also doesn't resent it?). I looked for them in my purse. They were there next to my bottle of Concerta.

So yes, I could have had a much easier time focusing my mind today...oh well...!

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