Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Annoying To The General Population

There are things that drive ADHDers bonkers, and then there are things that would drive any sane human being bonkers.

Just now, I hold one of those things in my hands.

I'm doing manual data entry to update a list that my database can't seem to "sort out" on its own. Sometimes these evils are necessary. However, I have entered this particular list of numbers FOUR TIMES now. Each time I have entered the list, I have then hit "execute" and...I'd like to say some kind of intriguing "Kaboom!" occurred but it's actually a silent, empty blue screen. The kind of sickening silence you can only earn after your hard work has come to a repeated, impotent fizzle due to factors beyond your control.

Another category is worth noting here: it's things that would drive any same person crazy but drive someone with ADHD COMPLETELY FUCKING NUTS.

Our admin is resetting the database. (Pause)

I'm going to try it again now...

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