Saturday, February 5, 2011

It's more than just ADHD

My stepdaughter and I are finding that we have more in common than just ADHD.

For example, we went to the mall today. I asked what she was looking for. She said:

"Skulls. I want things with skulls on them." And not cute ones with pink bows and stuff.

It's not really the place of a step-mother whose hair currently looks like Joan Jett's, to deny a child stuff with skulls on it. Though she IS still only 8.

So...we did some wicked bargain shopping and ended up at home with a bag full o' rock and ROLL!

But we had several candid, but panic-free conversations about what types of necklines and lengths of things are appropriate for the 3rd grade. And what kinds of things, while very cool, will NEVER be worn in the the classroom (even when the envied "teen-age" arrives)!

"I just don't like to wear the kinds of things that other girls like to wear." Tell me about it kid.

She ended up spending her hard-earned $25 on a very classic fedora, a chunky black bracelet, and an age appropriate tee shirt with some metallic, swirly embellishment. Punk rock lite. Super cute. I wish I could claim to have picked it all out, but she did it on her own. And Daddy approved. (Daddy is a professional musician who once rocked a mullet longer than North America, and busked his way around Europe. While he wants his daughter age-appropriate, he also understands the urge to rawk.)

It was fun. I liked it.

Next week we can go get matching tattoos! (<-----um...never!)

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