Sunday, August 1, 2010


Moving in with Sonny and the kids has shown me one true thing: we have a crap-ton of laundry. Two adults and five children go through a lot of clothing, towels and washcloths in a week. Our home has two floors with one bathroom on each floor. I have color-coded the bathrooms, and YOU should too! In order to keep myself sane, because my ADHD brain explodes under the twists of inefficiency (for a variety of reasons that perhaps I should blog about another time) I decided that the upstairs bathroom (the kids' bathroom) gets towels in bright, rainbow colors and the downstairs bathroom (for big people) gets the neutrals.

When we finish the laundry, I sort the bright towels into one pile, and the neutrals into another pile, and simply deliver them to their respective bathroom. This may sound silly, but to me it seemed overwhelming to have to even gather or inventory the information concerning how many towels or washcloths might be currently existing in each bathroom. The bathrooms are both heavily trafficked so the only thing that really matters is that each one has a nice stack at all times.

With an ADHD brain, I really need to work to simplify life in ways like this, in order to free up RAM for more important tasks. Running up and down the stairs and remembering which bathroom needs what is antithetical to that goal.

So there. I had to really think about what bathroom to put the white towels in, but who in their right mind gives small children white towels to use? As such, in our home, the whites go with the neutrals :)


  1. For years I only used to wear black and white clothes so that I didn't need to think on a morning. Eventually I decided to be more cheerful and buy colours - but the inevitable happened and my wardrobe was filled with totally random things. So I "had my colours done". Didn't tell anyone - far too shameful and girly. But I started to buy all my non-monochrome things in pink and green and turquoise, all the Deep Winter or Cold Winter colours (Google it).

    Now things match! And I don't look washed out and ill when I wear them either. The only problem is: you can wash greens and turqoises together. But pink? Well, anyway, an extra pink wash is a small price to pay for looking like an approximation to a "normal" (read "colour-coordinated") person. :)

  2. Nice! It's not shameful and girly, clearly your aims were VERY practical! Good for you :) You found what works for you...