Monday, August 2, 2010

Turn Around Three Times, Knock 10 Times, Then Give Us the Magic Password!

I don't know about the rest of you chumps with ADHD, but people, I think we have a serious problem out there, a threat to the sanity of ADHDers everywhere. It's a hell created by movement through the cyber world, and the need for's the daily reality of living online with ADHD: remembering all of your fucking passwords.

What really drives me insane is that every friggin' website I go to demands that you meet different guidelines for the password for that site. I know that this is for my "safety", but its driving me insane, and I would prefer to be allowed to compromise my cyber safety rather than my sanity. Because right now, I'm so fucking cyber safe that I can't remember any of my passwords.

Oh I know...there's an EASY solution to this problem, right? I should just write them all down, it's that easy!!! 'cause you know, people with ADHD need MORE SHIT to write down on little notes that you have to stick somewhere that you'll remember that you put them. That's exactly what I need in my life, more notes and other things to help me remember to remember stuff. Awesome.

I can have a list of all the things I need to do each day, and a list of all the things I need to remember that relate to other people in my house, and then the things we need to do around the house, and notes to remember to do all of the out of sight out of mind things that ADHDers forget, and notes to stick to my steering wheel to remind me to do stuff in the morning, and notes to remind me to go to the basement and scoop the cat litter and notes to remind me to wash my underwear so I can get dressed in the morning because I seem to be out of them, and notes to remind me that there are veggies in the crisper because otherwise they don't exist in my mind, and notes to remind me to walk my dog because I actually forget things like that sometimes until the dog is running around on my head (he's small enough to do that) and notes to remind me to pay the bills that I forgot to pay last week and notes to remind me to go to the store to get things I forgot the last time I was there, and notes to remind me to write other notes to remind myself of other stuff AND...I can be THIS LUCKY...NOTES TO REMIND MYSELF OF EVERY INTERNET PASSWORD THAT I HAVE TO REMEMBER BECAUSE I CAN'T JUST REVOLVE A LIMITED AMOUNT OF THEM BECAUSE THEY DON'T MEET THE REQS FOR EVERY EFFIN' SITE I VISIT!

Because what I really need, and what every adult ADHDer REALLY, REALLY NEEDS, is MORE FUCKING REMINDER NOTES. I really don't think I have enough of those world, PLEASE send me another situation in life that requires MORE reminders and MORE notes, because that's what I want for Christmas more than ANYTHING ELSE! PLEEEEEEEEASEPLEASEPLEASE!!!!

Sonny Rollins is tickling my feet now. He knows I'm writing a grumpy blog post about passwords and he doesn't care, he just thought he might tickle my feet.

This is why this relationship works.


  1. Perhaps something like

    is in order?

  2. Dang, for some reason this doesn't want to work with Sonny's computer...I'll check it out on mine later ;)

  3. This chump doesn't like it, either!

    Mac's "keychain" helps, except when it doesn't. Browser updates often mean a loss of passwords.