Thursday, April 15, 2010

4am my time...

Almost dawn is a perfect time to announce:

I just finished the all-time worst assignment of my entire grad school career. It has been sucking my soul out for WEEKS. It brought me to the edge of reason a few times. And yet I could not graduate without it.

I finished it. It's done. All other assignments in the next 10 days will PALE in comparison.

I'll still be grumpy about finishing them too...but this fucker...Jesus...this one was bad.

And's DONE.


  1. Good stuff!
    Good stuff?
    That it almost drove you to the edge of reason, that sounds quite dire.
    Well, at least it's done.
    Time to celebrate. With some toast. And jam.

  2. congratulations.

  3. Congratulations! What a great weight off your shoulders! Hooray, make sure you celebrate with your partner is some fun way! You deserve it.