Tuesday, March 16, 2010

This is why my life is fun...

...I ordered Chinese delivery for dinner. When I'm in the throes of schoolwork-induced anxiety and need to get a crap ton of work done that I'd rather not be doing, I can't handle the details of food without compromising my ability to produce and if I don't eat, it just makes things worse for my ADHD brain and hypoglycemic metabolism (not to mention the misery that Sonny Rollins, should he call during such an episode, may experience)...so I ordered out.

First, I would like to mention that it is RAD that you can order food from your computer and have a nice person magically arrive at your door with a bag of FOOD in their hands for you, from down the street. I LOVE IT.

Second, the puppy was a little jealous, but I have a strict "NO HUMAN FOODS PASS ANIMAL LIPS" rule in this house. So...I emptied out the gyoza container (yes, I realize gyoza are not Chinese, "asian identity crisis" restaurants are just a fairly common and very humorous reality here in northern NE) and I put his kibble in the container. Chico "Che" Guevara went HOGWILD for his kibble! Okay he always goes HOGWILD for his kibble but he was really pretty delighted with the takeout container...so delighted that he proceeded to try to eat it when he was done with the kibble.

Watching this was much more fun than doing homework. But that's a topic for my NEXT post....

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