Monday, March 15, 2010

New Shoes Means Good Times

I love shoes. I. Love. Shoes. What does this have to do with living with ADHD? Not a single f*cking thing. But if it's been a while, and I'm having that urge like I was the other day, to do something baaaaad? Ordering a couple of pairs of shoes on the internet is hardly the worst I could do...unless you're the kind of ADHDer who has an issue with frequent excessive spending and that's just not me. Frequent excessive worrying is more my bag. Why these shoes? Because they're H.O.T. That's generally the only reason I go for a shoe once spring hits New England, and spring, in all its rainy glory is here...Sonny Rollins kinda liked the blue ones. It figures that jazz dude would dig the retro, I'm loving the drag queen vibe of the silver. My dog just thinks they look delicious...he's right, but if I see him near them, I'm going to make him into a pair of sandals...

Is it possible there's a novelty appeal here for the ADHD brain? Of I care? Not really...this is soooooo the lesser of evils in the big world of distractions :)


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