Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Active Communication

I think the thing that is helping me the most right now, in the stress-management department, is active communication.

I have been very active in communicating to my professors that I am going through a transition right now of re-learning how to approach my academic endeavors, post-treatment.

They've been surprisingly receptive to at least tolerant. As I go through this slog of crap on my desk and in my brain, it's nice to know that they're at least hearing me, and seeing that I am taking active steps to move forward and produce the work that I need to produce.

Amen to that.


  1. Good for you. You are lucky to have the support of your professors in getting your work done! It was hard for me. It was only after I graduated college I found out I could have had it a lot easier, if I had been diagnosed with A.D.H.D a lot sooner....

  2. That's great!

    I haven't told any of my professors about my ADHD problems, but am tempted to this semester as it has been especially hard.

    Also, *cough cough adhd medications list cough cough* ;-) =)

  3. Don't worry David, haven't forgotten, just getting through the next few school weeks :) You should totally talk to them (professors) if you feel it's getting in the way....

    It's pretty humbling having to explain the issues I'm having to them...since they don't really get it because their brains don't work this way...but I guess at least they listen and are willing to accommodate. Communication is the number one thing I recommended to another ADHD student in my program who was least I could pave the way for the both of us and learn that it really does help, so she didn't have to find out the hard way, lol...

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