Thursday, January 21, 2010

The RE-SET Button

There's a little thing I like to do in my life from time to time called pressing the re-set button. And in my world view there are certain things that need to get re-set regularly.

When I leave my desk at work I hit the re-set button, meaning I organize my work for the next day so I can come in and it's not a mess.

About once a week I go through my bigbig bag to tidy and empty it so I don't start to drown under my own daily accumulations.

Every morning I straighten the blankies on the bed so that it gives the illusion of my room being a little tidier AND so that it feels goooood to climb back in bed at night.

If I don't do things like this my ADHD world start to get very uninhabitable.

Today I am noticing that I may have skipped last week's bag cleaning.

Tonight, I am hitting that re-set button....

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