Monday, January 18, 2010

Everyday ADHD good times

Let's talk about the trash can in my kitchen and how I haven't been able to find it for a few weeks now. My new roomie, Miss A as we like to call her, moved in at the beginning of the month and so I rearranged some things in order to make things just lovelier in general. One of the things I did, not just for loveliness, but because the growing puppy did not need to be getting any big ideas of digging in the trash can, was to move the garbage and recycling cans into the bottomest shelf of the big cupboard in the kitchen.

I've been looking for it ever since. Blast. Seriously, everytime I need to put something in the garbage can, I start wandering around, and usually end up even going out the porch door looking for it before I get very annoyed and them suddenly remember that it's in that cupboard. It's only been weeks now, let's see if we can't make it months of confusion! (And I don't doubt that my brain can! In fact, I bet we'll be playing this game until I move out of this apartment.)


  1. When we moved into our new house, my wife insisted that we put the utensils in a drawer on the other side of the room because it was the widest drawer in the kitchen. Every single time I needed a fork or spoon, I opened the small drawer right next to the sink... it had towels or something in it... Finally, after my wife SCREAMING AT ME, I put the utensils in the drawer I kept opening (and put all the kid-utensils in the next drawer down). My wife promised me it was a mistake and that we would hate it, but they have been there a couple months now, and all is good... Well, as far as utensil drawer locations go anyway. My point - You should consider putting your trash can out on the porch. Thank you. My consulting invoice will be to you shortly.

  2. Omg...hilarious...

    You know, you might be right about the porch. Because I live in New England and it's nice and chilly out, we already use the porch as an extension of the refrigerator (there's a nice lasagne and a bottle of white wine out there right now) so it's not as though I'm not always out there anyway.

    I love the porch.