Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Score

I'm sitting here feeling frustrated about my semester, because I'm so wigged out about finishing everything I need to finish this week for school. So I'm making a list of all the non-ADHD obstacles that I have contended with in the last few months. I'm doing this because I am in the middle of a really big first year of ADHD treatment, and sometimes I have so many other obstacles that is makes it hard to see that I have actually made a lot of progress:

1) Started the semester off with the hellish experience with that particularly awful batch of generic Celexa. This shot my entire routine for the semester in the ass and I'm still recovering.

2) Family business hit a serious road-bump and required all hands on deck.

3) Was working to finish off producing my weekly event for the season...and greater than anticipated success created a lot of work.

4) Ended relationship with the boyfriend...due to his bad habit of sucking energy out of my body with his insecurity. This disrupted not only my life, but my home as well, as he took his sweet time moving out.

5) The check debacle (see previous post).

And add to that list "working to learn to live a new life by treating my ADHD". Oh gee, I wonder why this semester has been such a challenge! Any person with any kind of brain would be having a challenging time managing all of this while in grad school...and the big positive throughline is that during all of this I have been tenacious in practicing removal of anxiety from my life, rather than giving in to it and letting it run the show. Not the ignoring and tolerating of it that I used to do...actual letting it go. I'm going to crank on a homework marathon so I can then compile the list of "what I got done that was awesome" this semester and add "homework" to that list.

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