Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Gift from ADHD Heaven

As previously posted, we lost our assistant here at the office, and while it was inevitable, it created some obvious difficulties, the largest of which being that I really don't have the time just now, to be two people in this office.

The Boss called a couple of mornings ago as I was turning on my brain and computer for the day and exclaimed "I FOUND A PERFECT ASSISTANT! PERFECT! SHE'S CALLING AT 10, BRING HER IN!".

We interviewed her and she indeed seems to be...a PERFECT fit. Only time will tell, but the biggest obstacle to hiring in this office is finding "the right personality" for the environment. There are a few major quirks existing in our office...two of which are me and the Boss, haha.

She's very comfortable with people, has a lot of waitressing experience (which weirdly is actually something that is a HUGE plus in this office, where between the clients and the coworkers you could go nuts if you can't think on your feet, multi-task and cope with people ranging from prosecutors to incarcerated convicts...lots of big personalities and...quite frankly...mental health issues!). Her grammar was also impeccable. Angels from heaven descend.

Somehow, don't remember how, we're talking this morning as I'm training her and it comes out that...dundundunnnnnnnn...she's an adult ADHDer too.


Some people would think that three ADHDers in one office (that would be ALL of us) things might get a little, mmmm, well, you know, ADHD-like in the "bad" stereotypical way. But honestly, as any adult ADHDer can attest to, we all have to work to develop some great coping skills to get away with getting through life on a daily basis. Plus she, like me, is "official" and diagnosed, and seems to have put thought into what methods work for her in terms of organizing. Even though her experience was not in "what we do" here at the office, she had a solid work record so she's clearly figured out some tricks. The Boss has his tricks, I have mine, she has hers...and at least in the case of me and the Boss, our tricks are complementary, and we both double check ourselves and each other...with a third pair of eyeballs on deck...she seems to have a really cooperative spirit too, and be interested in learning. My hopes are high; we'll see how this goes.

I cannot help but squeal a little about the fact that...she LOVES my checklists. I showed her the office daily task checklists...the new client checklists...and the others...she grabbed the daily task one right away and started writing notes for her day tomorrow on it.

We're turning into an accidental ADHD mecca!

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