Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Like many of my fellow ADHDers, I really put the PRO in Procrastination. I'm absolutely a professional at it and this past two weeks has been nooooo exception. I'm literally in the middle of a tornado right now because I have so much I have to get done before next weekend now, and so many other people are relying on me, that there is no question I will sacrifice sanity, sleep and whatever else I have to, in order to pull it all off.

But I realized something. This time, it's not just brain chemistry. One of my ADHD pitfalls is getting myself way overcommitted. That's how I have operated for years. Well this year, I got diagnosed with ADHD and have started medication and have started to have a way more realistic view of my life and how I live it...how to live my life in more depth by releasing myself of billions of little committments that drain my energy and ability to be effective. So here I am going "I don't want to be doing all this stuff" and that's actually not a ridiculous train of thought, it's not just ADHD impulse, it's really for true progress. I truly shouldn't be doing all of this stuff. But I really do need to see my committments through to the end before I embark on my new less busy life. For once it's not just procrastination, it's me learning how to live a healthier and more effective life.

And lately, talking to people around me, it seems like a LOT of people, in general are very stressed and overworked, and overloaded right now. The economy is stressing people out, losing jobs, or taking multiple jobs to pay the bills is stressing people out, the financial inflexibility of the present is limiting people's lifestyle choices which is stressing people out...and everybody's sick of dealing with it.

I hate to say it, but it makes me smile :) It makes me smile to realize that for once I'm right in synch with what's going on with everyone else. That we all have things we don't want to deal with right now...and somehow we just have to keep each others spirits up and get through it.

And me...I guess I need to just appreciate where I am and feel grateful for my new perspective. And forgive myself this once for just being...sort of normal!

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