Saturday, September 12, 2009

Of Dishes and ADHD

I really hate washing dishes, but I'm a big girl, and I can do them...if I have to...if D doesn't do them first because they bother him being there in the sink about as much as it bothers me to wash them.

Even in the shadow of the label ADHD I am a little obsessed about certain things getting cleaned, and WELL. For me, one of those things is floors...can't handle crap on the floor, and I vaccuum and sweep frequently...not 80 times a day, but definitely a couple times a week. For D, his "hate" is dirty dishes in the sink. I am likely to avoid doing them...or start them, and let the water get cold before I ever get back to them. Washing dishes causes me stress. It doesn't make sense, but it does.

This week I seem to have found a solution though...and I know D likes it because he has a real complex about being "always the dishwasher" (even though I do have other things I do around the house, but that is NOT the issue here...). This week, when I have noticed that he has put a load of dishes in the sink, I just wash the already hot soapy dishes in the sink...and then fill the still hot soapy sink with the next load, then resume whatever it was I was doing. I don't tell him I'm doing it, so then he comes in the kitchen to wash the ones I already washed and is VERY pleasantly surprised.

Yeah! This was a good example of my "random tangents" mind doing good for the world, or at least for our home. I walked through the kitchen one day, there were the dishes, I washed one load. One load is not stressful. Boyfriend is happy...and it was fun to surprise him. And funner again to surprise him again, by just stopping for like three minutes and washing a few more dishes the next day (and not getting stressed out because I don't have to think about doing the whole pile).

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