Monday, September 21, 2009

One of these generics is not like the other... after feeling pretty darned stellar for a couple-few weeks now I felt like crap today. A mess of anxiety. Extreme difficulty thinking, nevermind focusing. Had to wait until later in the day to really get anything done.

I was sitting there this afternoon thinking "oh, maybe my hormones are doing something funny to my drugs". It can happen. Women with ADHD can have some pretty miserable experiences from what I hear, when hormones and medications just aren't getting along.

However, tonight when I went to take my Celexa (with Buspar chaser) I suddenly remembered something my cousin told me months ago...

Her boyfriend takes generic Celexa, Citalopram, for OCD. I also take a generic of the same drug, but for general anxiety. She was telling me about how when they get his prescriptions at different pharmacies, that the different pharmacies stock different version of the generic Citalopram, and that some of those generics DO NOT WORK for her boyfriend and his symptoms get worse when he takes them. So they now will only go to certain of those pharmacies apparently changed their supplier recently because they got into a "thing" with them about them giving them the wrong generic...sigh. So they feel like junkies now, going from dealer to dealer just trying to score the "good" Citalopram.

Well...last night was the first night that I took the first pill from my new batch of Citalopram, and it is definitely from a different manufacturer. The pills aren't even the same size or color as the last batch.

So now...I don't know. Are my hormones doing some kind of pharma-thwarting cartwheels, or am I all screwed up because this version of Citalopram sucks for me?

I guess I'll just take notes and see if a pattern emerges and go from there. I am seriously praying that tomorrow doesn't suck as much as today did thought, because I was feeling SO's disappointing to feel this crappy all of a sudden...


  1. :( Good luck, it's completely unfair that you should have to chase wellness like that.

  2. "having to chase wellness"...oh that's so sad, and such a good description all at the same time :)

    I am thinking that I will just stick with the new pharmacy for a few months so that one variable is made a constant and then I can track the hormone thing...or go back to the other pharmacy for the original funny, I'm carrying out "scientific method" on myself, lol.

    I'm just grateful actually that I happen to know someone in my own family who had that particular experience and that they had shared that with me because it may end up being a very helpful piece of info!!!