Wednesday, September 23, 2009

F*ck the FDA

I don't think my med sensitive brain and the FDA have the same "acceptability range" for generic medication equivalence. Because I sure as shit am not having the "benefit" from this particular generic citalopram that I was having from the last batch.

This tidbit from Wikipedia has got me swearing right now. That and the fact that my jaw is clenching again, and that massive wave of anxiety I thought I had left behind weeks ago (the one caused by the Celexa, NOT the one that usually lives in my brain in a totally different way) is back.

The FDA's liberal definition of "bioequivalence" and "legal" interpretations of what identical means to them have literally screwed up my brain chemistry. Thanks a-holes. I'm so glad that my jobs and grad school, and the community organizing that I do are just so easy and don't really demand my attention or time at all because I've got nothing better to do right now than sit on my couch in a sickening ball of tension wanting to hide from the world. Because the effectiveness of what they're dispensing at one pharmacy, from one manufacturer, isn't the same as the next.

I signed up to be a guinea pig people...not your bitch. It's already a big experiment adding new chemicals to my brain...without your asshattery and generally sloppy oversight giving me a middle finger right in the central nervous system.


  1. It can be a matter of life and/or death in my case, when it comes to useing generic instead of the brand name. Example: I take Dilantan for seizures(an atypical type that could kill me).

    I do lab tests(blood) at every neuro. appt.(every 6 mo.s) for Dilantan level. When I decided to start useing generic to save a little money(only about 10 bucks every 3 mo.s). My lab test showed low levels. Dr. says:"Don't trust generics for these things!" ....So went back to brand name, and level went up to safe level.

    So, I rekon,,You get what you pay for, when it comes to some meds. Just a word of advise.

  2. Dang, seriously.

    Honestly, I saw there was a comment and hoped you would tell me I was wrong and this was all in my head. Oh wait, it IS all in my anxious, inaccurately medicated head :) !

  3. Well ya know, it realy is in both our heads, just like our teeth,eyes...etc.. are. But at least we can stick our tounges out of our head 1/2 way, when we want to....Ok, then we can go to a dentist and get teeth pulled out of our head.

    I think about stuff way tooooo much! lol