Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A virtual get-me-the-fuck-outta-here

Sometimes (frequently, and recently with alarming frequency) I need a virtual get-me-the-fuck-outta-here. And if you have ADHD, you know that you do too.

A virtual get-me-the-fuck-outta-here can take many forms and can be different depending on the day, situation. A virtual get-me-the-fuck-outta-here is sometimes the difference between good and evil, between keeping your job and telling someone to go piss on themselves, between knowing you're right and telling everyone who will listen, and keeping it to yourself, a sweet secret.

Today's virtual get-me-the-fuck-outta-here: grooveshark.com. Grooveshark lets you find songs that you love, create playlists that you'll love even more...and you can change those playlists everytime you log in (which is what I prefer) OR you can save playlists for reuse. You can also put headphones on and listen to the same song over and over and over if it's the only thing that's going to get you through the day, without annoying your coworkers.

Today, I can tell you it's the only thing (aside from the methylphenidate that's wearing off and the nortriptyline that makes me waaaay mellower than I was at this time last year) keeping me a) employed b) sane c) sitting at this desk d) from losing my shit as I stick over 200 individual labels on individual envelopes e) interested in maintaining any form of status quo.

I have no comment on whether any of this is beneficial. I can't go there. I just know that it works.

And that Destroyer sounds like Al Stewart, the London Suede, Roxy Music and a tiny elf had a baby. A baby that makes me stuff envelopes faster.

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