Monday, July 18, 2011

Crafting: shabby chic style...

Last night, instead of letting the kids loose with a pile of dirty, muddy, delicious clay in the kitchen, I brought the whole brick out into the yard.

I set up a folding table in the driveway at the front of the house, where they were riding bikes and scooters around with a friend, so we could all hang out and make pinch pots (something we had been talking about doing all day).

Busted out the clay, made some great pinch pots, and a huge mess. A huge mess that, when we were done, I could simply hose off of the table and the driveway with a big hose!

1) Kids love making pinch pots and there's some really nice air-dry clay options out there that aren't expensive, don't need a kiln for drying, and are "real" clay for kids who have moved beyond the allure of the neon synthetic squishy stuff.

2) Doing it right out in the yard like that on a folding table was pure that mess up in the kitchen would have been...challenging. And Sonny and I do not need any more challenges in the "keeping things tidy" department...

3) We are having WAY more fun in our yard than our grumpy neighbor is, in his perfectly manicured Stepford-yard. So THERE. But if he wanted to come make a pinch pot with us, I would absolutely welcome him with open arms. That's how we roll.

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