Friday, July 1, 2011

Construction Noise

Since I began working at this job, back in January, a new building has been in progress right outside my window.


Every week brings evolution in the form of new species' of grinding, banging, bonging, clanking and BEEPBEEP-ing noises. I gotta tell ya: IT'S GREAT!

I also gotta tell ya: I'm being TOTALLY SARCASTIC. I'm sure if you have any familiarity with how life works that you won't be surprised to know that I'm the only person in the building whose desk is literally right in front of the window.

It's hell for a person with sensitivities to LOUD NOISE. I acquired a pair of ear plugs. I also listen to music with headphones but the sounds are still audible over the grinding, clanging, etc. This week's loud grinding is really something. I've got the Pixies and their more aesthetically pleasing grinding noises cranked as loud as they can go without damaging my hearing but I still hear grinding construction noises. Maybe if we could hook the cement mixer up to a distortion pedal it would sound better...

There's not really another place for me to work in the building. The ribbon-cutting is in November. Come on November. Because I can't stand this shit much longer.

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