Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I may have ADHD...

...but dammit, my cholesterol is BRILLIANTLY LOW! 126 anyone? If my doctors had any idea what I really eat on a regular basis, they would declare me a medical miracle. My triglycerides are low, my good cholesterol is high and my bad cholesterol is low. Hot-diggity!

I'm looking at it this way: ADHD makes certain aspects of life inconvenient. High cholesterol WILL KILL YOU.

Clearly I have way better things to do than worry about ADHD. I've got some celebrating to do here! My arteries are doing a little dance already! I think it's a cha-cha...


  1. Ahh, just what I needed: a way to spin my low blood pressure (112/72 under stress) positively at the start of the cold season =)


  2. Good on you....Go for it girl!

  3. Wheeee...positive spinnnnn! (Over-rides methylphenidate focus and spins in office chair...)

  4. ADHD brain's really 120...mwahahahaha...donuts for breakfast :)