Friday, September 10, 2010

I have manners. Oh yes I do.

Yep. I do crazy things like say hello to people. And good bye. And please. And thank you.

And sure is funny that I'm the one living with the ADHD stereotypes living over my head because YOU are pretty rude. Pretty ungrateful. Pretty self-centered. And I have to deal with you all the time. Sometimes several times a week.

Everytime I see you, I say hello, even if you choose to ignore me. Everytime I leave, I say goodbye, and you try to look busy so you can pretend that you didn't hear me, or that I was talking to someone else. You avoid eye-contact, hoping that if you don't see me, I don't exist. But...everyone but you knows it's not working, and that it's rude. But I still choose to be polite.

And guess what? People generally think that I'm a polite, pleasant person to be around...and you? Well...what do people generally think of people who are rude, manipulative and arrogant? I won't waste my time stating the obvious.

All I that I am proud of my decisions to remain gracious and polite to you, despite your rotten attitude. I'm not the one whose ass will be bitten in the end by your poor behavior.

It's a situation as an ADHDer that yes...drives me nuts and my head, often snarkier remarks arise and beg to be set free onto your ears. But I have the choice...and I choose the more gracious path. Anything less would be a waste of MY time, since of course...if I chose to be snarky it would not change YOU in any way. Only you can make that decision...and your decision is already clear.



  1. Those people are not part of your life as you choose to live it....You show Class....The closest they will get to class is the last 3 letters in the word.