Sunday, August 22, 2010

Alright fine... can have your little shit donut game, Universe. I'm not even thinking about what you may be up to anymore, because after waking up to a black hole of depression and disinterest today, AGAIN, not even my methylphenidate XR could boost my spirits, although it did provoke my corpse to rise, at least.

Something different happened today though...I rose, and then I decided I couldn't stand another morning like this.

I'm not even tempted by your shit donuts right now because I'm officially on to another plan. I took a little time to really think about the parts of my life that I love right now, and those that I don't. And then I threw a few fishing lures out there into the universe, HARD, in about 20 different but similar directions, to hopefully help to address the ones that I don't. I also entertained some alternatives...ones that in the past would have indeed, shone ahead of me like a glazed, lemon-filled mirage. Meh...don't want them, don't need them. This is a sign of progress. I shall proceed with focus prized over novelty.

I'll try it again tomorrow, too. Ha.

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