Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fly on the wall of my life?

Hey ADHDers, take a look at this article I found online about ADHDers and puberty. I feel like I just read a transcript written by a fly on the wall of my life. Except it's written by a doc from Colorado, and I didn't grow up in Colorado. Here's the link, see if she pinned you too...

What an awesome flashback. My own awkward early teen experience was only made even MORE awkward by the fact that I was not only emotionally behind, as per the usual for most ADHDers, but I was way ahead academically. I was in advanced classes, and smoking standardized tests for dinner...and literally could not relate at all to other teenagers. At all...oh I know that every one feels awkward but I was REALLY awkward. I didn't really even know what other kids my age were talking about most of the time. I didn't act like a normal teen, really, until I was about 20, and it wasn't pretty.

What a mean trick to play on ADHD kids...we're already a little outside the box, then "just add puberty"...sheesh...can't we just give ADHDers a "get out of puberty free" card? It's a special hell, that...we don't really need any more layers!

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