Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm pretty boring lately...

...because I'm just trudging through this last bit of grad school. (Other than the planning an ADHD wedding thing...more on that in future posts!)

But I'll tell you who's never boring: my extended family. If I have time to write novels, I would have plenty of fodder right there. Plenty of ADHD-inspired fun and games for a series...

Was just talking to an uncle about his current goings on and it reminded me of all the funny stories we have thanks to our quirky gene pool. I come from a long line of people who are smart and capable but...just can't seem to reign in certain IMPULSES shall we say, and just can't seem to stay interested in much of anything for more than about a minute at a time. We move fast, but we bring the action!

Much of my extended family works in jobs or careers that allow them to be in different places all the time, or to move around between departments or tasks or...whatever. A few are just plain nomadic.

A story that another uncle told me one time made me wonder though...apparently, my great-grandmother, who was native-american, used to ride in a wagon between the Northeast and the Midwest with her family, going from one family place to another, depending on the time of year.


So...I'm literally descended from nomads...and many people in our family certainly fit the criteria for ADHD diagnosis...hmmmmm.....


  1. I'm Jewish. We're nomads too...and we're still wandering in the dessert. ;)

  2. Know two things:

    1) For me, my ADHD coping skills have grown as my responsibilities and burdens have grown - the coping skills are always a step behind, but your comfort with this process will probably increase as the years pass.

    2) I learned the hard way that for me to be successful (and happy and fulfilled), I needed a job that (within reason & mental health boundaries) welcomed my ADHD-talents (creativity, inspiration, passion, mobility) with open arms. The jobs I've had that tried to LIMIT those things, in favor of regimented hours, tasks, and duties, have failed miserably.

    Oh! And keep making lists and calendars! Writing it down is your friend!

    Swamp Thing

  3. Excellent insights :)

    I'm in that transition right now between leaving "regimented" jobs and fully committing to ones that indeed have open arms.

    Happily I've discovered that I can actually make money doing things that capitalize on my strengths...