Sunday, November 8, 2009

Let those who live in glass houses...

...lately it really sucks to be the person "taking meds". Suddenly, people around you measure your emotions and reactions in terms of "BECAUSE OF YOUR MEDICATION" whether or not that has anything to do with anything. Because you're actually being honest about your transformation experience, people will sometimes use that information to discuss you in terms of "YOU SEEM DIFFERENT, SOMETHING MUST BE WRONG, IT MUST BE THE MEDICATION". A couple of clarifications, this isn't all people, just a handful that I see ALL the time...yes, I am open about this process, so I don't mind people talking about it, but that does not mean that people then have permission to use this information in a manipulative or labeling manner. Also...yes, to readers of my blog, it seems like this must be all I talk about...and I do, when I'm writing this blog! I have a whole other life outside of my "ADHD blog" land.

In that life, I have jobs, projects, friends, family, pets, and actual real feelings that have validity. I have an actual personality that a) has NOTHING to do with ADHD or medication and b) exists regardless of their self-soothing labeling. Yes, some people have problems with medication and don't realize it. Yes, medication can sometimes make people wiggy. I HAVE HAD THAT PROBLEM. I am not having it now. response to this weird recent trend, know that I feel a lot better these days...although you didn't ask, because you were too busy telling me what's going on with me. It's obvious to me, even if it isn't obvious to you, that your discomfort has far more to do with you than it does with me.

It's just paradoxical that by working to become healthier, I have people in my life that were more comfortable with me "sick". Any further explanation would require a novel. My advice to the fellow ADHDer is to be very careful with the feedback that other people will give you when you're working toward a healthier you. Yes, sometimes meds cause problems, and that is not good.

But if you are truly feeling calmer, more focused, motivated and upbeat about your life and a handful of the people who used to enjoy you as a chaos buddy start telling you there's something wrong with you? Steer as compassionately clear as possible, and just keep doin' what yer doin'. Don't let other people's addictions drag you down. They have a right them, just as you have a right to your own choices...but you do not owe them your participation.

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