Sunday, October 4, 2009

Blanket Fort Gallery

This week I am hiding out at Camp 18 Channels.

Partially because of intense, screwed-up-generic-meds-induced anxiety, and partially because I am totally overwhelmed at the behavioral crossroads I have found myself at (I am leaving behind what's not working, but haven't yet mastered what WILL work, yet I still have to keep living my life day to day and am looking around going HOLY SHIT) I am taking the week off.

And I think what I'm going to do, is some silk-screening.

I like doing it the old fashioned way, no fancy machines. You take frames stretched with special fabric, pencil in your design, then apply screen filler to block out the parts you don't want to print with...let it dry. And then take that squeegee and pull the ink through the screen onto a fabric surface.

I have a cool idea for a three step design that I want to try. And so I'm going to probably try it this week. I'm going to hide in my house, and enjoy the silence, and silk screen. And make a blanket fort and eat ice cream. And give all of my obligations the big middle finger.

Thinking about silk-screening makes me happy. And that's all I'm really caring about this week. Things that make me happy. In the real way.

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