Tuesday, September 1, 2009

This Pile is Bigger Than My Head

Got to work this morning and am greeted by a pile of work the size of Jesus. And Jesus, in case you're wondering, in my mind, is one big dude.

Small daily moments like these make me ponder the "BIG" things lately. Like the fact that I am so all or nothing. I can rock-it full tilt (read: work obsessively and complete super human tasks) or I can totally succumb to anxiety, meandering and random thoughts and accomplish nothing. The good part is, that I still average out to getting more done than most people over the course of a week...the bad part is, that's a very stressful way to live. Duh...add to that the fact that when I'm not at work I have more "work"...such is the bed I have made...gotta dig deep to move this mountain (and to shut my "outside work" pile off in my brain, when I'm at work).

In any case, the sheer Jesus-like size of this pile of hoohah, might just allow me to tap into a steady stream of hyperfocus for a few hours...

Only one way to find out...here I come Jesus...


  1. ...work the size of Jesus...it makes no sense, yet I am pissing my pants. I have just stolen that saying.

  2. Hey now...Jesus ain't into stealin'...but I'll just be flattered ;)