Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I just have to trust that she has a place and a purpose.

Some days we work for a breakthrough to appear and some days the breakthrough rises like a sunset upon us that though we should have anticipated, we fretted over the arrival of. Suddenly the feelings in your gut and the images fleeting through your mind all coalesce as the right image lands among them. That image: the goddess Artemis. She is at one with the woods. She has a place and a purpose. She is powerful, but precise, conscientiously targeting her objectives without collateral damage, through archery. She protects animals and children, she greets the newly born.

The image of her, outlined in gold, a similarly luminescent deer at her side, smiling and readying an arrow for a magical purpose has moved a lump of energy through me that really, really needed to move.

And when I had a particularly upsetting moment this morning, she was there to rally and carry me back to a helpful kind of energy, though the sadness remained.

I'd asked a question that needed to be asked...and the receiver distinctly conveyed that I should not be asking it. The assumption was clear that I must only be asking it because of some moral defect...which in proportion to the matter at hand was completely inappropriate. I asked because I needed to, but my intelligence was not trusted, it was insulted.

Why. Why.

I don't even have the emotional fortitude to muster the typing of an actual question mark.

But I DO have the strength to summon the image that appeared in my mind just prior...of a golden goddess with magical arrows.

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