Monday, April 11, 2011

How many depressed people does it take to change a lightbulb?

Are you kidding me, there's no punchline, that's just not funny! What can you really say to that "none, because they can't get out of bed to change it" or "you have to care to change it and depressed people don't have the energy to care". Ouch!

I was thinking, on my way to work today, about how there are some REALLY great jokes out there about ADHD. I love ADHD jokes. None of them are mean (that I've heard), they're just hilarious. When ADHD isn't kicking your ass it's absolutely stand-up comedy worthy.

There's a lot of jokes out there about a lot of mental health issues...some of them ARE mean, but really, come on, some of them are hysterical and some aspects of many mental health disorders are fairly humorous in a dark comedy kind of way. In thinking about this though, I was trying to think of some funny ones about depression.

But depression just isn't funny. I was thinking that the next time I'm feeling horrible I would whip out some "here's why depression IS hilarious" jokes to cheer myself up but I couldn't even think of any. If you know any, please post them. Don't worry, you won't offend me, it's nearly impossible, lol.

In the meantime I'm feeling so much better. Maybe the changing season is getting me back on track? I don't know what it is but I am grateful. I have known many whose battles with depression feature prominently in their lives and though I had some rounds with it when I was young (9-14) I haven't had it stick around long enough in my adult life to really disable me. I have been disabled by it this winter, and it has affected every aspect of my life. And when I'm not firing on all cylinders, it begins to affect my husband's ability to keep up with life too.

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