Monday, August 30, 2010

A plea to all parents...

...not just the ADHD ones. If you are feeling overwhelmed, angry, or just plain worn out by your children, in such a way that you might want to hurt them, PLEASE get help.

I bring this up here in my blog since many of ADHDers work really hard at managing things like impatience and impulse...ADHD does NOT make people bad parents, but I imagine that there are times when some of us have to really work a little harder to not blow a screw that might be feeling a little loose. Of course, all parents have those moments.

Last night Sonny and I had to call the police because he could audibly hear a neighbor abusing a child. The police never came. We have sought out other resources besides the police, now since they were soooo helpful.

But it just made me think...about how important our parenting roles really are, and how important it is to be able to see beyond your own frustrated moments and do the right thing, even when you're in the moment and aren't sure what else to do. There is ALWAYS a better choice in a situation like this. Always. Even if that choice is "I'm going to go take a parenting time out, by myself.". And a phone call to a friend or neighbor or someone that can help you for a little while.

There are help resources in every community. There are books in local libraries, available for free, that may offer helpful alternatives. And if you witness something that shouldn't be happening, call the police and if they don't respond, call whatever child protective organization WILL respond. Just because childrens' legal voices are limited, does not mean that their screams should be ignored.

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