Saturday, June 5, 2010

My dog is more self-reflective than most of my exes...

...and so am I.

I hear that self-reflection is sometimes a challenge for ADHDers. I don't seem to have the problem. If anything, I'm probably way too self-reflective. Emotional puzzles are interesting to solve...and self-reflection is tied to this really cool thing called intuition.

Self-reflection may be a challenge for some ADHDers, but intuition is not. Intuition is that step right before self-reflection, where you go "OHHHH" or "ah-HA!" and suddenly understand something your brain had been ruminating on behind the scenes without your conscious attention. And because you're an ADHDer, you may even blurt it out.

That blurt may be met with a variety of responses, but often, because we ADHDers haven't always formulated a clear path to our answer, others MAY tell us that our answer has no meaning. Because they cannot formulate their own path to our answer, they may brush it aside.
After years of this kind of response, we learn to question our intuition.

I have been practicing honoring my inner voice, and it has transformed my core.

More and more I allow myself to determine the value of my own ideas. I have loyal and valuable advisers of course...every ADHDer can benefit from the value of such counsel...but these advisers are the ones that ask me the right questions, but still respect my intelligence, my ingenuity...AND my intuition.


  1. "I have been practicing honoring my inner voice, and it has transformed my core." This is absolutely the best thing you could do. While it needs to be tempered a bit by reality, which can be done by a therapist (and which you already know), nonetheless, paying attention to your inner voice seems like true self-liberation.

    On a slightly different note...think how far you have come in terms of personal growth and understanding in what is, really, a very very short time. You've made amazing strides. You have a lot to be proud of.